What You Need To Know About Penile Curvature

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Penile curvature, generally known as chordee, is the bending of the penis during erection. However, it’s a condition that causes an uneven erection when a man is aroused. The condition is also defined long hours of erection.  It should be diagnosed during puberty, but it’s a condition a child can be born with. 

Penile curvature is caused by penile fracture, Peyronie’s disease, and some autoimmune disorders. This is a rare condition that doesn’t change with time. Remember, you can have penile curvature without Peyronie’s disease. Sometimes, penile curvature can significantly interfere with one’s sexual life, so rectification is vital.

Luckily, penile curvature can be rectified through surgery. This is a medical procedure to restore the standard form and functions of the penis. Get in touch with an experienced urologist for a successful reconstruction procedure.

Diagnosis Of Penile Curvature

A specialist in a reputed health clinic diagnoses penile curvature. A urologist performs a physical exam on the penis and notes the penis history. The doctor may encourage an imaging scan to check out any disease and if the penis got any injury. 

A person can be born with penile curvature, but others get it as they age. You learn about the many treatment options, including surgical and non-surgical. Many specialists opt for surgical options when penile curvature has advanced, interfering with the normal functions of the penis. More so if you have Peyronie’s disease.

Symptoms Of Penile Curvature

For penile curvature, the symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the condition. They include;

  • Loss of erection that lowers the self-esteem of a man
  • Bruises around the penis after a fall
  • Pain and swelling around the penis

Causes Of Penile Curvature 

  • Penile curvature can be caused by many things like; inherited fibrous tissue, which is expected in children. Thus, you can find children of 3 months undergoing penile curvature rectification.
  • Autoimmune disorders cause penis curvature, where the immune system attacks other healthy body organs, including the penis.
  • Sometimes, penile curvature can result from penis fracture due to rupturing the soft tissues after a sudden penis bending. Penis injury may also be caused by vigorous masturbation, taking clothes off quickly when erect, and rolling when aroused.
  • Peyronie’s disease is a disease that causes penile curvature- a condition where plaques form around the penis, causing a lot of pain during sex. Also, urination becomes hectic due to the pain. It’s a condition that can be rectified through surgery.

What Are The Symptoms Of Peyronie’s Disease?

  • You will feel a hard lump on the shaft, and the penis always curves upwards when erect.
  • Also, the penis can be very painful during an erection with a deformed look.
  • Again, the girth reduces. This disease can be worse, making sex to be painful and difficult. If you don’t take charge, you may suffer erectile dysfunction.

Penile Curvature Surgery

The penis is a vital organ for reproduction and urination. Penises are different when it comes to appearance, length, and girth. Meanwhile, the urinary opening should be in the right location with a partial foreskin.

A penis should be straight when erect, but a slight curve is not bad. But when the head of the penis bends downwards, the condition is called penile curvature. The penis usually bends the feet downwards, but sometimes it can be on one side.

When the penis bends to the left side, it’s called lateral curvature; when it bends backward to your belly, it’s called dorsal curvature.

Surgery is the only option when it comes to rectifying penile curvature. It is an ideal procedure to repair the penis to have a firm and straight erection. It doesn’t matter if you have Peyronie’s disease or a curved penis, it’s a procedure that can change your life if you have been embarrassed when urinating in an open place. 

Penile Curvature surgery procedure is done through circumcision or repairing the foreskin. This is how it’s done- The surgeon shortens the side of the penis that is opposite the plague. Also, the surgery can be done by lengthening the curved side. 

Still, the surgeon can place a prosthetic device in the penis. It’s a safe procedure that can be conducted from the age of three months.

Moreover, penile curvature causes discomfort during sex to some people, and that is why surgery is vital. The degree of pain depends on the direction of the bend. This condition can also bring a lot of embarrassment for small boys in schools. 

If the penis bends at 30 degrees, this curvature can be rectified by a single surgery. Visit one of the most celebrated clinics with experienced urologists.

The good thing with this penile curvature is that a medical doctor can diagnose hypospadias-where the urinary opening is not in the correct position. This is repaired during the penile curvature surgery to ensure normal functioning of the penis.

There are some cases where the penile curvature is more than 30 degrees. This must be worked by an experienced doctor who has been correcting curvature for many years. It can be successful if the doctor lengthens the shorter side using plication stitches. Through this, the doctor removes the tunica albuginea opposite the plaque to strengthen the penis. During this process, you may experience some numbness.

For a patient with both Peyronie’s disease and ED, the doctor may consider penile implants. The implants straighten the penis to have a firm erection.  

Take Away

Penises are always straight when erect, but a slight bend is not bad. If the penile curvature is not causing any issues when urinating or during sexual intercourse, there is no need to worry. You can live an enjoyable everyday life. But if you feel uncomfortable urinating or sexing, it is advisable to seek the help of a specialist for surgery.

There are several causes of penile curvature but some men are born with it. This article got the information you need about penile curvature. Lastly, pick the best urologist for the procedure to avoid mistakes during surgery.

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