The Best Diet for Building Muscle and Burning Fat: Why Protein is the Key to Success

Why Protein is the Key to Fat Loss | F45 Challenge

Ask any bodybuilder what the best way is to build muscle, and they’ll point you towards the protein and supplements aisle at your nearest pharmacy. However, not all protein powders and supplements are made equally. Some are made to increase muscle mass, some to help you lose weight, while others are used to regulate hormones that contribute to weight loss and muscle mass. However, brands of protein differ in quality no matter their intended result. Therefore, review websites allow people to read and leave reviews on protein powders and supplements. For example, you can read anabolic warfare reviews to understand how well their products work. It must be noted, though, that taking protein and supplements is not a shortcut to losing weight or gaining muscle. To get the desired result, you need to research how much healthy weight you can lose in a month and plan or restructure your diet and exercise plan accordingly. 

So, How Do Protein Powders Work?

While conventional foods like meat and legumes contain protein, many people have turned to protein powders to consume a more concentrated, high-quality amount of this nutrient. Protein powders, usually in the form of protein shakes, give your body amino acids – the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids in your bloodstream aid muscle synthesis, which is the process of repairing and building muscle tissue after it has been broken down through exercise. In addition to muscle gain, high-protein diets aid in weight loss. Firstly, a high-protein diet boosts metabolism by increasing the calories you burn – metabolizing consumed protein uses more energy than metabolizing consumed carbohydrates or fats. Secondly, high-protein diets promote fat oxidation, a process where fatty acids are broken down. Finally, a high-protein diet stimulates and controls your appetite to make you feel full from less food. 

Types of Protein for You

The most common form of protein that people include in their diet is whey protein. Whey protein is a combination of protein isolates found in the watery part of dairy milk. Whey protein contains all nine vital amino acids that your body cannot internally make. Another type of protein is whey isolate. This type of protein goes through more clarifying to remove extra lactose, fats, and carbohydrates. These proteins are fast-releasing; however, casein is a type of protein that is released into your body relatively slowly. It ensures your muscles have enough protein to function under stress for several hours. However, this makes casein less suitable for short, high-intensity gym sessions. 

How You Should Take Protein

Even though consuming a high-protein diet is a large step in the right direction to meeting your health goals, simply incorporating protein into your diet is not enough. A high-protein diet is most effective when combined with regular exercise and training. Furthermore, the timing of your protein intake matters and is often debated. However, it is generally accepted that the best time is within an hour after your workout as your muscles are more receptive to recovering and repairing. Thus, protein is the key to losing weight and gaining strength, and you just need to turn the key and unlock the body you deserve. 

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