Whey Protein Helps Control Blood Sugar in People With Type 2 Diabetes


According to a study, consuming a small quantity of whey protein prior to eating a meal has been found to help individuals who have type 2 diabetes better control blood sugars.

For the study, participants who had type 2 diabetes consumed a pre-made shot containing a small amount of whey protein prior to eating a meal. The individuals were then monitored for one week as they continued with normal daily activities.

The same individuals also consumed a control shot containing no whey protein for a week to measure and compare the results against each other to determine the whey protein’s potential benefits.

For 7 days, 18 individuals with type 2 diabetes drank a small 100 ml shot drink containing 15 grams of whey protein 10 minutes prior to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner while remaining on their diabetes prescribed medication. Blood glucose levels were automatically tracked for the week with continuous glucose monitoring.

Continuous glucose monitoring results found improved glucose levels control when consuming the whey supplement prior to eating a meal. The study participants had 2 hours extra a day of normal blood sugar levels on average in comparison to the week of no whey protein. Blood glucose levels were also 0.6 mmol/L lower in comparison to when consuming the supplement with no protein.

Although earlier lab studies have demonstrated this dietary intervention’s potential, this is the 1st time that individuals have been monitored as they continued with normal daily activities.

The researchers suspect that the whey protein functions by helping slow down the passing of food through the digestive system and also by stimulating various important hormones that help in preventing the blood sugars from rising so high.

As the number of individuals worldwide developing diabetes continues to rise, looking into the potential of medication alternatives such as food supplements becomes more crucial.

Guide To Whey Protein

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