How Often Should You Take Vitamin Supplements?

The human body needs to consume an effective amount of vitamins to function properly. It is the sum of organic compounds that are necessary for the development and nutrition of humans. Individuals need to use a small portion of vitamins in their diet. It can’t be integrated by the body. Recommended timing for vitamins varies according to the kind of vitamin being utilized but multivitamins are best to take in the morning. Vitamin shops sell all kinds of vitamins and nutritional supplements to make the availability and accessibility of products easy for people.

Vitamin consumption

Some people avoid the consumption of vitamin supplements because they fulfill vital needs through maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. The growth of kids highly depends on vitamins. The human body propagates vitamins mostly from the food that individuals eat. The consumption of vitamin supplements is good but individuals should use them according to the recommendation of a nutritionist to avoid excessive usage.

Distribution of vitamins

Research and the efforts of scientists divided vitamins into 13 different components. All the components are named using letters or a combination of both (letters and numbers) like D, A, B12. Plants are the source of most vitamins but vitamin D is procreated by animals. There are some vitamins formed by the human body like vitamin K is produced by the bacteria (digestive tract) and human skin forms vitamin D by consuming sunlight.

Fat-soluble vitamins

Food absorbs such vitamins that incorporate fat are known as vitamin K, D, A, and E. These vitamins are crushed by bile, the liver releases liquid; the body then assimilates vitamins and products. An excessive amount of this kind of vitamin is stored in kidneys, liver, and human body’s fat. As these vitamins get saved in the human body. Their daily consumption is not mandatory to satisfy their needs. Some of them are retinol (A), tocopherol (E), D1 and D3 (D), and Manadion (K).

Water-soluble vitamins

Water-soluble vitamins are dissolvable in water and the human body cannot stock them. Humans need to get these vitamins daily from their diet. The excessive amount of these vitamins cause urine if consumed in quantities more than required. The body’s need for water-soluble vitamins should be fulfilled for proper functioning. The Names of such vitamins are Thiamine(B1), folic acid (B9), cobalamin (B12) and various others.

Overconsumption of vitamins

Overconsumption of fat-soluble vitamins can harm the health of individuals as they get stored in the human body and excessive consumption can give rise to health issues. Though the overconsumption of water-soluble vitamins cannot harm or generate any side effects as that gets voided through the urine and does not stay in the body for a longer time.


Water-soluble vitamins are good to take before breakfast while fat-soluble vitamins are good to consume with dinner. Vitamins are essential for the proper and efficient functioning of the human body. The absence of the required quantity of vitamins can cause night blindness; kidney stones can emerge, and cause fatigue, and many other health problems.