Top Rated Car Covers for your Car

The 5 Best Car Covers (2022 Review)

Want to extend the life of your car’s paintwork? Then, you must get a car cover especially if you don’t own a garage. 

Many are content with parking their car on their porch without shelter. But this can accelerate the paint’s fading. The sun, rain, hail, and snow will all take a toll on it. However, you can extend its life with a car cover.

Car covers are underrated, but there are many benefits to owning one. It’s cost-effective if you don’t have a garage. Asides from reducing your visits to the detailers for paint correction, it also removes the need to rent a carport. Looking for carports? You can access the car company profile list on Reviewsbird. 

There are many brands of car covers; all of them are suited to different car models, sizes, and weather. Looking to buy car covers online? Check out brands like Seal Skin Covers

This article will look at some of the best car cover brands available. 

  1. The OxGord Executive Storm-Proof

This car cover is excellent for outdoor use, especially when it comes to protecting against rain. This cover consists of seven layers. Too many layers can be a problem sometimes because of breathability. 

One of the layers of the OxGord Executive is micro-porous so airflow is guaranteed. Although it is a universal car cover (not custom-made for specific car brands), they come in different sizes. So you choose the size that will fit your car. 

  1. Hail Protector 

The name is self-explanatory. The Hail Protector offers protection against hail. Unlike sun and rain, a hailstorm poses the most dangerous threat to a car’s paintwork. The little (and occasionally large-sized) pieces of ice can leave scratches on your car. The Hail Protector is not the regular car cover, and that’s instantly evident when you see it. 

This inflatable car cover offers an adequate barrier between falling ice balls and the car. The cover is unsurprisingly large, so it may not occupy a lot of space on your porch, but it’s worth it. 

  1. Audew 6 Layers 

Parking your car out on a sunny day seems like a perfectly safe thing to do. When people think of bad weather, they think of snow, rain, and hail. However, a car’s paint will fade over time due to prolonged exposure to the rays. 

Also, the heat from the sun can make your car uncomfortably hot. The Audew car cover comes in 6 thick layers that block these rays and lower the car’s temperature. But it doesn’t just protect the car against the UV rays. It also protects against wind, dust, and water.

  1. CarCapsule

Think of your car inside a capsule. This cover is similar to the Hail Protector in that it is inflatable. Although Car Capsule has outdoor covers, they are better known for their indoor design. This cover comes with a built-in fan that keeps moisture at a minimum and improves breathability. 

There are many benefits to keeping your car in a pristine state. Car covers are the cheapest way to ensure that. As simple as car covers are, many brands offer different functionalities. So choosing one can sometimes be a bit difficult. This list narrows down the list for you.