the gyms refusing to shut during lockdown

Businesses across the UK have refused to close their doors on the first day of the second lockdown.

Non-essential services, which currently includes gyms and hairdressers, are supposed to shut until December 2 under the new restrictions, but some have vowed not to do so.

Among them is Gainz Fitness and Strength, a gym in Bedford, which earlier this week said it would be staying open to support the health and wellbeing of its members. It is not taking on new members during the lockdown period.

However, it appears the reopening may have been short lived as Bedfordshire Police tweeted saying officers had visited  after receiving reports it was in breach of Covid-19 regulations.  The force said the owner was served with a prohibition notice and three people were given fines.

In a Facebook post earlier today, the gym said: “Exercise in a gym is an offence – November 2020. It’s unbelievable but it’s true.”

The post said that the gym “won’t stop campaigning” for the sector to be recognised as essential and that it would be operating reduced opening hours.

It added: “Lockdowns are hard on mental health. If you need us to chat, pick up a coffee or your supplements we will also be offering massages during this time for rehab purposes.”

Speaking on Instagram on Wednesday, owner Alex Lowndes issued a warning to members: “What I want to highlight is that members can get fined. We are open, we are here for you, but there’s a risk.

“The rules are there whether we like them or not. We have chosen to break them here and we have a good reason, I feel a moral obligation, to do so.”

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