The best air fryers for healthy home cooking

A more affordable option, which I found to be almost as good as the Philips in output, and much quieter too. To look at, it’s nothing special, utilitarian more than stylish. But ultimately, it lost out because the end product was slightly less impressive – though still very good.

I started by following the recipes from the booklet (much fewer in number than the Philips, but still quite well explained). My first batch of chips, cooked just as recommended, came out not totally ready – not a huge problem, just adjust the time and put them back in.

‘Rosemary roast potatoes’ took just 30 minutes, much quicker than oven-cooked roasties. While they were fluffy inside and had a nice herby kick, they just weren’t crispy enough, which is essential.

Other dishes were more successful. Chicken nuggets were crispy and tender, and ready in 15 minutes. Frozen veggie sausages came out just like they would from the oven, but apparently air fryers use less energy, so there’s a bonus. Burgers were juicy-ish, but didn’t have that charred element that’s so crucial to a good burger.

Nevertheless, I was impressed overall with the Morphy Richards, and it’s much cheaper than some of the higher end models, while hardly skimping on quality.

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