NHS urges people to avoid DIY danger during Easter coronavirus lockdown

A warning about DIY and trampolining accidents has been issued for the Bank Holiday weekend, as the NHS says hospital space is needed for real emergencies amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The public is being urged to take extra care if they decide to carry out some home improvements or entertain themselves in the garden during the Easter lockdown.

Reducing avoidable accidents will take unnecessary pressure off the health service as medics continue battling to treat those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the NHS warning states.

DIY stores are reporting record sales as people seize the opportunity to get their homes “summer ready” during the country-wide social-distancing period.

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Almost 12,000 admissions to hospital last year were the result of people injuring themselves while using drills and power tools, or falling off ladders.

Meanwhile, more than 13,000 people end up in A&E every year with trampolining-related injuries, costing the NHS £1.5 million, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

While the NHS wants to reduce preventable injuries, it stresses that those who injure themselves should not let concerns about catching coronavirus deter them from getting medical attention.

Architect, writer and TV presenter George Clarke, said: “It’s fantastic that so many of us are keeping ourselves busy with DIY activities at home over the Easter weekend, which has always been the busiest DIY weekend of the year. But please, please, please be careful.

“The NHS is under massive pressure at the moment tackling Covid-19, so take extra care when doing any DIY work at home to avoid accidents.”  

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