MPs raise questions over Prof Neil Ferguson’s ‘potentially flawed’ lockdown calculations

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Questions are being raised over the validity of Professor Neil Ferguson’s modelling which has led to the UK’s draconian lockdown, after the Daily Telegraph revealed he had broken his own rules last night.

This morning minister James Brokenshire said it was “right” that so-called Professor Lockdown had resigned, after it emerged his married lover had visited him twice, contrary to social distancing rules. He told BBC Breakfast that the Government’s scientific group Sage would continue to “support” ministers in making decisions about the coronavirus response.

“He shouldn’t have taken the course of action he did, these rules and requirements apply to everyone. They are there for good reason,” Mr Brokenshire added. “It is important to stress that – the rules on social distancing are very firmly needed.”

But others have hit back at the measures in light of these revelations.

Former minister David Davis tweeted: “A bigger issue than Professor Ferguson’s private life is the accuracy of his model. When applied to the Swedish policy it forecast 40,000 deaths by now, over 15 times the reality.”

Andrew RT Davis, former Welsh Conservatives leader, added: “He doesn’t have the best track record does Neil. He got it horribly wrong on BSE and foot and mouth, and has got it spectacularly wrong here! I do hope his ‘stepped back’ comment means for good.” 

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