How the Precision Medicine Project can Speed up Covid-19 Treatment?

Nowadays, the world is going through an exceptional calamity of a different virus known as COVID-19. This originated at the start of December 2019, where three patients in one of the provinces of China (Wuhan) were diagnosed with explicable pneumonia, which ultimately resulted in a worldwide pandemic. Currently, this virus has killed thousands of people while infecting millions of due to a lack of vaccination for this novel virus.   

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) 

Practicing precautionary measures like social and physical distancing can cause unanticipated concerns for the people who are suffering from ADD. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a disease caused by inattention and negligence, which can arise both in children and adults but most commonly, the symptoms begin in childhood. However, for not giving proper attention it causes harmful effects on someone’s life.  Due to not giving proper attention, it can destructively affect a child, which results in careless classwork, not following the directions appropriately, issues in organizing the tasks, easily distracted by unrelated work, poor time management, and much more. While, in adults, it can create trouble in setting one’s goals, problems at workplace, restlessness, etc.

Many youngsters and adults are living and working distantly nowadays while this lack of interaction could feel them being alone, isolated, and bored. Such social distancing might be dangerous, particularly the one having ADD commonly arise with some other mental health issues comprising depression and anxiety. Though preventing COVID-19, for developing a valid vaccine and ADD treatment, the Precision Medicine Project can be beneficial, just like assisted development for better therapy against cancer. 

Precision Medicine Project 

The Precision medicine Project uses the technique which confirms that the patient will get the appropriate treatment within a given period of time while access and acceptance have not been regular. Forgiving a base for an integrated path and balancing the welfares most certainly, the World Economic Forum has set the design of principles.

Its objective is to confirm transparency, facilitate data sharing, modernize drug approval procedures, and generate a comfortable environment for engaging people in the research process. Such ambition delivers the foundation for an impartial and equivalent approach to personalized treatment. Precision medicine can enhance a patient’s health care results better as it directs the guidance of therapies in addition to treatment, which highlights a particular role in diagnosing the patient.  

How it is used to speed up the treatment of Covid-19

The Precision Medicine Project can speed up the treatment of Covid-19 by identifying novel approaches for guarding the people taking part in research and designing new equipment for handling. Additionally, development of drugs, techniques, other tests and confirming the safety and effectiveness of such products is beneficial. The latest collaboration of scientists with a variety of specialists and the people from the patient advocacy community, higher education institutions, and pharmaceutical corporations will also help in accelerating the treatment. This will generate an opportunity for a diverse population to be a part of the improvement in the field of research. From improved knowledge of the virus as well as using conventional therapies for establishing vaccines and drugs for treating COVID-19, this project can create an actual modification in the worldwide influence of such pandemic.