Getting to Know CBN

CBN or cannabinol may not be as well-known as CBD, but it offers just as many benefits as other types of cannabinoids. This compound is usually found in older plants, and is formed when the plant becomes stale and THC breaks down. 

Despite not being all that popular, however, cannabinol is actually among the first types of cannabinoids discovered. 

Powerful Cannabinoid

Some might have encountered this compound as a medical grade CBN. After all, it’s been said to be so potent, it can be used as a sedative. Apart from this, however, there is a long list of other benefits that can be derived from the use of this cannabinoid. 

As with the other types of cannabinoids, pain relief is another strong suit of CBN. More than this, however, it has also been found to aid in the regeneration of bones. This is why it is deemed to be ideal for those suffering from bone diseases like osteoporosis. Because cannabinol has the capability to stimulate stem cells, it can then help facilitate bone regeneration. 

CBN also has antibacterial properties. While this particular benefit isn’t anything unique or special, what makes it noteworthy is that it can help fight even those bacteria that may be resistant to the power of antibiotics.

Even more impressive is how there already has been some evidence found that the administration of this particular type of cannabinoid can help reduce the size of the tumor, as well as mitigate the growth of the cancer cell. 

There are plenty more studies needed to absolutely confirm and verify this information, but for now, this all sounds good enough to try.