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Food, one of the basic needs, is what most people look forward to after a hard day’s work that drained most of their energy. Food can be defined as any solid substance consumed by living organisms, primarily through eating nourishing the body to sustain life. Foods are classified into three; carbohydrates/energy giving foods a good example is rice proteins or bodybuilding foods like meat and vitamins, which are majorly made up of fruits. Health supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients, i.e. vitamins and other substances with nutritional or physiological effects marketed in dose form, e.g. pills, tablets, powder, syrup or Capsules. They have deemed health supporters as the product is intended to specialized supplement of the regular diet. Food supplements could contain nutrients extracted from synthetic food sources to increase the quantity of consumption hence the general knowledge that the supplements are natural and herbal. Truth be told, some supplements are clinically prepared with the advanced technology going on in the world. Some of the best food supplement processing companies include; Neutrabay, Optimum nutrition and Muscletech. Online stores have gained popularity over the years for making work easier and becoming a fast-growing trend in the business sector by availing products a click away. They account for a large part of a country’s economy in the long run. These stores provide a variety of products, including food supplements. The most popular food supplements are vitamin D and C, Magnesium, Fish oil and multivitamins. There are various online dealers globally, depending on your region of residence.

General Nutrition Centres (GNC)-Retailer of health and wellness products based in Pittsburgh operates in the US and Canada.

 Vitamin Shoppe

 is the most visited fitness website and the most extensive online fitness Store worldwide.


 Walgreens

 iHerb

 Thrive


These online stores have retail outlets where the products could also be found, e.g. Walmart and Target. Not extending support nor throwing shade to ordering food supplements online as the superiority solemnly lies on the consumer’s preference, both sides are discussed below;

Online deals

By ordering the food supplements online, the consumer could benefit from online deals that are done as a means of product promotion. Some offers are as good as half-price, a technique not very common to the traditional marketplace.

Physical examination

Goods may appear perfect on-screen, but a worried consumer could be uneasy about the actual condition of the good as they cannot physically examine them. The saying goes seeing believes; however checking on other customers feedback can be of help.


Consumers can access the online platforms 24/7, which is very convenient compared to specific times literal stores open. Orders can be put around the clock, and the shipping begins once payment is made.


Delivery personnel could tamper with the goods during transportation hence delivering a good. That does not fulfill customer satisfaction. Although most sites have refunds and replacements, it could take time and a lot of physical involvement discomforting the customer.


Ordering the food supplements online is more cost-friendly than traditional marketplaces where one has to fuel the vehicle to get to, call a taxi or use public service means. Shipping the goods to the doorstep closes the customer’s market niche of place and time. Sometimes, the online stores do not charge the extra shipping cost.


Some products are shipped from far and wide hence take a long time to be delivered this may be inconvenient to the customer.


Online food supplement stores will offer a variety of products to choose from as different companies use the platform; hence there is a slim chance of missing what the consumer would like to order. It creates interest in trying a new product as they are all showcased.

Bargaining power

It is impossible to bargain on an online platform as the prices are fixed, and there are no online attendants.

Ease of shopping

Online stores provide a serene environment to think and decide on what to settle on without attendants trying to convince the customer in and out of a product. Unless asking a question, most customers find this a nuisance.


It is easy to get exploited when acquiring food supplements online, especially if there is no prior product knowledge. Some tablets could be available at a lower price in the local market.

Safety and effectiveness.

Most products do not go through FDA testing; actually, 4% of the food supplements do. It is not such a followed up trend hence paving the way for counterfeit goods that perform the opposite of the intended purpose.

The customer is always right; each individual has their preference, and they overlook the demerits depending on how well the product service suits them. As one man’s meat is another man’s poison, we cannot rule out a standard to cut across every individual. Online services are being embraced globally, and it would only be fit to correct and cope with the emerging issues through posting complains and ideas through websites such as Honest PPE.