Wuhan to test entire 11m population as new cases raise fears of second coronavirus wave

Another member of the cluster is an 89-year-old man with a history of hypertension and cerebral infraction, who began experiencing symptoms such as a fever and chills on March 17. State media reported that he stayed home, didn’t seek medical attention and self-medicated for 10 days until the symptoms disappeared. One month later, he lost his appetite. 

He was taken to a medical centre and tested for Covid-19 on May 6, which came back positive.

Officials said the compound had previously had 20 confirmed novel coronavirus cases, and that they believe the source of the infection came from a previous community outbreak.

Hundreds of asymptomatic cases are also being monitored.

China’s state council dispatched an inspection team to Wuhan on Sunday and said in a statement that the team aims “to quickly cut off the transmission route, and resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic.”

It is a setback for China’s effort to contain the pandemic as the nation attempts to gradually return to normal and two weeks before the country’s annual parliament session.

China’s health authority reported just one new coronavirus case in its daily tally on Tuesday, down from 17 a day earlier. 

The total number of cases in China now stands at 82,919, and the death toll is 4,633. 


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