Up to 200 partying Coventry University students flout social distancing rules

The university, which has five campuses, said it had put safety measures in place and had student ambassadors in key places on campus to remind students to wear face coverings and socially distance.  

Asked about the video, Alok Sharma, the Business Secretary, said the Government was asking students to “follow the rules, follow the guidance, and act responsibly”.

“This has been actually a very, very difficult time for young people and actually, they want to get back to some sense of normality – we can’t just sort of lock people down forever,” he told BBC Breakfast.

“Universities are open, students have gone back, and of course we ask them, just as we ask the rest of the population, to follow the rules, follow the guidance, and act responsibly. And ultimately this is for their own good, and I hope people will do that.”

Asked about students going home at Christmas, Mr Sharma said: “I know that was a concern and a worry over the last few days, whether parents would miss out on spending time with their children and vice-versa, so we’ve given that commitment.

“He [Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary] is looking to see precisely how we will make this possible. But as I said, we want students to have a sense of normality, to be able to enjoy the teaching that they have at universities, and of course ultimately to also keep safe.”

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