Unions urge ministers to consider making face masks compulsory in schools

At least 10 schools look set to flout guidance in September, with one comprehensive, Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire, including masks in its new school uniform and directing parents to a designated shop where they can be bought for £3.

Fallibroome Academy, in Macclesfield, said it “expected” students to wear masks in corridors, and Brighton College has told parents the “current expectation” is that masks would be required when pupils move around the site.

Meanwhile, the GMB union has written to Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, urging him to adjust the “double standards” in the Government guidance on face masks.

National officer Karen Leonard said it was “plain common sense” that teachers and other workers in schools should be able to wear coverings.

She said: “Changing the rules for buses and shops to enforce the wearing of masks while actively discouraging those working in schools from even wearing them is causing untold confusion.

“It’s time for Gavin Williamson and his colleagues to rethink their position, provide clarity and consistency for our valuable school staff, and ensure PPE [personal protective equipment] – including face masks – is available and can be worn by staff in schools where required.”

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