Things to Know About Long-Term Care Home

It is important to understand that long-term care involves a wide array of services specifically created to meet someone’s personal care and health during either long or short periods. The services can help you live as safely and independently as possible when you reach a point when you cannot perform regular activities as beforehand. 

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You can get long-term care in different places from caregivers, depending on your requirements. Generally, friends and family members can offer you different options. However, you can also get it in a nursing home, living community, or adult day center. 

The most common option is personal, meaning you will get help with everyday activities. We are talking about dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, using the toilet, getting out of bed into a chair, and vice versa. 

People with serious and severe disabilities and health conditions require this particular care. However, the need can happen suddenly after a stroke or heart attack. Still, in most cases, it develops as time goes by, meaning it is tailored for seniors when the illness gets worse. 

Different Options

When it comes to home-based long-term, we are talking about support and personal and health services that will allow you to be as independent as possible. In most cases, you will get it in your household or your loved one’s home. 

It can be short-term in case you are recovering from surgery or long-term for people who require ongoing help. Similarly, as mentioned above, home-based services include personal help such as taking meds, supervision, dressing, and bathing while ensuring that a person is safe. 

You can get it from your family members, or you pay caregivers such as health professionals, nurses, people with certifications, home healthcare aids, homemakers, therapists, or people that work for agencies. 

  1. Home 

It is a part-time medical service from a physician which will help you handle a specific condition with ease. We are talking about nursing someone after a severe surgery, illness, or accident. It may include occupational, physical, temporary aid, or speech therapies. 

A home health agency or aide service will offer you these services. At the same time, you may get it from Medicare, which is a government-backed insurance program for people who are older than sixty-five years. 

  1. Personal Care

You can choose other health agencies that will allow you to handle specific issues without the physician’s permission or order. Therefore, homemaker services include additional options such as chores and meal preparation apart from caring. 

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Of course, it features dressing and bathing. For these services, you do not have to get approval from government-backed programs, but you must pay for everything, which is vital to remember. 

  1. Senior Companion

Volunteers work as a companion or friendly visitors, meaning they will come to your home and pay a short visit, specifically to people who are living alone without anyone else. Of course, you can also purchase these services from various agencies. 

  1. Senior Transportation

You should know that transportation services can help people get to medical appointments and various places within the neighborhood, such as shopping centers or grocery stores. Some community centers and housing complexes will offer you these services. 

At the same time, some public transit agencies offer services for people that suffer from various disabilities. Everything depends on the area you live in, but some services may be free, while others you must pay for. 

  1. Emergency Alert

When it comes to emergency response systems, you will get immediate responses to various medical, centers, and ER through electronic monitors. As a result, you will wear a bracelet or necklace with a button you can push in case something happens. 

Pushing the button will summon an emergency team to help you as soon as they can reach you. It is a useful solution for people that are prone to falling, while you will pay a monthly fee for the service. You can also choose an assisted living facility, which will provide you peace of mind and help you throughout your regular lifetime.  


It is challenging to determine when you need long-term care. Although you may never need it, in case of an unexpected accident, injury, or illness, you may need to change requirements. That is why you should plan and find the facility that will provide you with the services and care you need. 

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