How to Make (Delicious) Smoothies at Home


Smoothies are a quick, nutrition dense, and easy breakfast… perfect on the go and again the options are endless! It seems like smoothies always taste better when someone else is making them, right? Not anymore- today I’m sharing my smoothie guide and organizational chart to help you make the best smoothies at home. 

First thing you need is a high quality blender. I’m a big Vitamix fan because it literally will pulverize anything and everything- and then you can begin to collect your ingredients.

How to Make Smoothies Delicious

While there is technically no exact science for making a smoothie, options are endless and there are so many things to add and ways to create the perfect flavor. If you select one liquid base, protein, thickener, carb, and add ins you should have the perfect smoothie recipe. Make it your own and get creative!

Smoothie Ingredients List

  1. Liquid Base– you should be able to drink your smoothie so liquid is needed (if making a smoothie bowl- use less liquid)
  2. Protein– protein is going to make the smoothie more filling- just drinking a bunch of carbs will leave you hungry in an hour
  3. Thickener– For me, the thicker the better! But you do need something to give the smoothie the right consistency
  4. Carbs– When we think of smoothies we generally think of fruits (acai being the most popular one for smoothie bowls)
  5. Extras/Add ins– extracts, herbs, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, cacao

green smoothie

Best Liquid for Smoothies

I personally always go for dairy milk. It has the best flavor and nutrition profile (more protein and vitamins than other plant based beverages)

Best Thickeners For Smoothies

I like to use 1/2 of a frozen banana-I don’t love the banana flavor but a little is needed for taste and by freezing it you can use less to make a thickening agent

Best Protein Sources for Smoothies

I usually go double time here- protein powder and peanut butter!

Best Carbs for Smoothies

Obviously all the fruits are great in smoothies- my favorite is a mixture of berries. But veggies like a handful of spinach can go a long way to pack extra nutrition. Oats in a smoothie give it more of a cookie dough type flavor, and while I’ve never used beans I think garbanzo beans would be a great addition.

Best Add-ins for Smoothies

Personally using herbs like mint or rosemary can be fun, but I also love topping a smoothie bowl with cacao or bee pollen.

ultimate smoothie chart

Example Smoothie:

Here is a combo I think sounds good: Coconut Water, Ice, frozen strawberries, hemp seeds,  handful of spinach, mango, and vanilla extract.  You can obviously double up in categories as well… OJ, vanilla protein powder, and pineapple would all be delicious added here too!

Consider this a non all inclusive flow chart… feel free to share anything awesome I’m missing in the comments- I love to hear about your creations as well! If this is too overwhelming and you just want a recipe check out these: Shamrock Shake, Not Your Average Blueberry Smoothie, Sweet Potato Smoothie.

Hopefully this gives you some smoothie inspiration  to make delicious smoothies at home this summer! If you’re looking for more inspiration I try to keep up with adding to my Pinterest account- check it out here. What’s your favorite smoothie to make at home??


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