Government report admits Covid cases were linked to patients moving from care homes to hospitals

The new results differ from the latest Public Health England (PHE) statistics, which state that just 43 per cent of care homes in England have had an outbreak, defined as two or more suspected or confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, separate ONS data showed that death certificates for 19,394 residents mentioned “novel coronavirus” between March 2 and June 12.

Covid-19 accounted for 29 per cent of the deaths of care home residents over this period and a fifth of all deaths of care home residents this year.

The latest data includes all care home residents who died with Covid-19either at their care home or in hospital.

This pushes the overall care home resident death figure 32 per cent higher than the 14,658 deaths in care homes reported by the ONS on Tuesday.

Three-quarters (74.9 per cent) of residents died in their care home, while a quarter (24.8 per cent) died in hospital, the figures show.

Some 65 residents, representing 0.3 per cent of the total, died in a separate location such as a private home or hospice.

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