Feeling Socially Isolated and Going Elbow Deep into the Wheat Thins? | Diet and Binge Eating Specialist Lyssa Weiss

If You’re Scared, Confused, Stuck and Struggling–There is a SOLUTION. 

One of the biggest blessings in my life is that people share with me their stories. Their REAL stories. Their candid, brave, vulnerable, and secret stories.

Skinny Jeans Get Smart & Skinny is a solution community for all who are emotional eaters, compulsive overeaters, bingers, purgers, food addicts and anyone who is sick and tired of living in pain and shame caused from serial dieting and obsessing over food. We meet regularly on Facebook and are a safe, non-judgmental, support community. YOU ARE NOT ALONERecovery is real and attainable for those who work for it.

Together, in recovery, we are losing the weight that’s holding us back from feeling good and participating in our own lives.

We have found that it’s not what we’re eating but rather what’s eating us that is the issue. We have developed tools and opportunities open to all who struggle. For us that suffer we thrive and succeed best being in community, as our past behaviors show that we have not done so well on our own. We invite you to share this information with friends and family who struggle too, because no one needs to struggle alone.

You can’t get control of your relationship with food, overeating and dieting and stay the same. Everything gets better.

We truly hope to see you in our community,

Lyssa and the Skinny Jeans Get Smart & Skinny Community

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