Elite Nutrition and Performance How To Make Your Own Collagen-filled Bone Broth

How To Make Your Own Collagen-filled Bone Broth

How To Make Your Own Collagen-filled Bone Broth

Hint….Don’t throw away that chicken carcass.

Collagen is all the rave right now in the world of nutrition, and for good reason. Be sure to see my video, Is Collagen Protein Good For You? to learn more about the different types of collagen protein, and the many benefits for your overall health, aesthetics and healing from injuries.

One thing I love about my work is helping clients not only improve their diet to support their health and performance, but to do so in a way that’s simple, affordable, and totally doable! Similar to making your own sports drink, sure you could purchase the many expensive collagen powders on the market, and there are plenty that will empty your wallet. OR… you can obtain natural collagen from real food, and one of the best ways is from bone broth.

Watch my video to see how I create a batch of do-it-yourself collagen from an organic whole chicken!

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