Easy Omelette Recipe: How To Make Chilli Garlic Omelette For Wholesome Breakfast


Is there anyone who doesn’t like omelettes? We guess not! There’s something about omelette that makes it a popular breakfast option and we all love it. Made in various ways, an omelette is an easy and quick option to whip up for breakfast. Besides being versatile, this ‘eggceptional’ dish is also very nutritious. If you look around and explore, you will notice many tiny stalls, dhabas and restaurants making different kinds of omelette, for instance, chicken omelette, masala omelette, bread omelette and many more. All these recipes are super delectable. Hence, leaving us spoilt for choices. If you are a hardcore omelette lover, just like us then raise your hands. Here we bring you a recipe of omelette that will surely tantalise your taste buds with its piquant flavours. It is called chilli garlic omelette.

As the name suggests, this omelette is made with fiery chilli and piquant garlic flavours. If you are someone with spicy taste palettes, this recipe is a worthwhile attempt. The perfect omelette recipe for you and your family that will be ready in minutes. So, without much ado, let’s get started with the recipe.

Easy Omelette Recipe: How To Make Chilli Garlic Omelette

To begin with the recipe, all you need to do is break two eggs in a glass, whisk it properly. Once done add chopped garlic, salt, chilli flakes and red chilli powder. Mix everything again.

Heat a dollop of butter in a pan, pour the whisked egg batter, flip and cook the omelette from both sides. You can also add a slice of cheese to give it a balanced taste.

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Try this recipe and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below. Well, we are sure this omelette recipe will become your go-to breakfast recipe. For more such easy and quick recipes, stay tuned!!


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