NORRISTOWN, Pa., May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to support Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Crazy Aaron’s, the creator of the award-winning Thinking Putty®, is donating special edition Thinking Putty® Care Packages to local Montgomery County therapist offices and mental health non-profit organizations that serve the community. This is part of a greater social initiative for Crazy Aaron’s, who recently donated product sales in support of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and currently employs adults with special needs.

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“Supporting mental health is the human equivalent to supporting infrastructure like roads and bridges. Without it, human potential is limited. With a solid foundation, your potential is infinite,” says Founder and Executive Chairman Aaron Muderick.

Thinking Putty is perfect for people of all ages combatting stress and anxiety, as it provides a fun, tactile sensory experience that can help to ease anxiety, soothe fears, and even change our mood.

Jenna Giagnacova, MS, LPC, Conshohocken Counseling Services adds “Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty has been a wonderful tool for our clients, particularly those who struggle with inattention/hyperactivity or anxiety. I even have clients who will bring their own Thinking Putty to my office because they know that having something to fidget with or to physically focus on will help them concentrate better and stay mentally present! One great thing about Thinking Putty over some other fidget toys is that it is a silent support, which means it creates less of a distraction to our work.”

Crazy Aaron’s has an extensive line of Thinking Putty that ranges from tactile play to scent-based putty with many to choose from.

Muderick concludes, “At Crazy Aaron’s we are very lucky to create products that can offer positive mental health benefits to children and adults. Part of our mission manufacturing is to support local and help build up our community.”

About Crazy Aaron’s:
A world leader and innovative company in creative play, Crazy Aaron’s has been making genuine Thinking Putty® since 1998. Founder, Crazy Aaron, has continued to trailblaze within the toy industry by establishing new product lines and brands to inspire curiosity and wonder to people of all ages! All Crazy Aaron’s products are made with safe, nontoxic, top-quality materials and ingredients right on Main Street, USA in Norristown, PA.

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